About Zev

Alvan Zev is a teen who has just begun down the wiccan path. He has recently decided to go down the pagan path, after being raised in a Christian family, who encouraged(at least from his mom) spiritual exploration. The path that he has have chosen to start following(as of now) seems to be a Solitary Wiccan path. He likes to indulge himself in his technology, but he does get out and does try to ride his bike every-day! He knows of one coven near him, and a metaphysical store(A couple even) that are thankfully closer.

In his spare time, Zev enjoys to play his instruments(Ocarina and Tuba, Funny huh?), to delve into the world of website designing, programing ... progams

Zev is super-friendly and loves to make friends (and would love to make friends with other podcasters!) and loves talking so he'd love to hear from you!

Zev currently lives in Tecas, USA with his mom and dad, aswell as his brother.